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Hope Church International Ministries Inc.

 A Bible Based, Multi-Cultural, Spirit Filled Church.

We believe in The Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit). 

We believe the bible to be the only infallible written Word Of God. 

We believe the only means of being cleansed from sin is through repentance and  by faith in the blood of Jesus Christ Our Savior

​Our Aim is to bring salvation to souls through the preaching and teaching from the Bible.

Hope Church is a Foundational Ministry that is built on the Biblical Principles which is the Word of God. 

Come visit us during our weekly services.  

Our services where the Love of God is shown, expressed and felt.

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For I know the thoughts that I think tow​ard you, saith the Lord, thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you and expected end.​

Hope Church International Ministries Inc 

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Our History​​ ​

March 2nd 2015

God had placed in Minister Brian Pollard heart to search out property for a ministry, Minister Pollard was thinking that it was just going to be a outreach ministry, serving food and distributing clothing, Minister Pollard and his wife didn't have any plans of leaving their former church.  A Young Lady prophesied that Minister Pollard was going to be pastoring a church in Spencer, of course he shook off the thought of pastoring in Spencer, after an extensive search with no results Minister Pollard "google"churches for sale in Spencer" and came up with a instant result.  Minister and Sister Pollard called the realtor for a showing, (still skeptical of starting a ministry) and then requested a second showing.  This building was a former church built in the 1980's and owned by the Mennonites, after declining membership the Mennonite church sold the building to a private owner, later becoming an AAA for Alcoholics and Drug Addict Recovery program.  In 2014 the owners decided to sell the property it was their desire to sell the property to a church ministry since the building was originally a church.  God's hand was upon this before it even started, the seller agreed to lower the property by $10,000 the seller notice an error on the contract we thought we were purchasing 1.5 acres but actually we were purchasing 3.17 acres. We went to the bank we were instantly approved, afterwards the earnest money was placed and the closing date was set. Prior to this God had put in Minister Pollard's spirit to start putting back money in a tea kettle and also told him to Incorporate the name "Hope Church International Ministries.  In Aug 2014 a trustee board was set up, October 2nd we became Incorporated in the State of Oklahoma as a not for profit organization.  On Sunday March 01, 2015 Minster and Sister Pollard along with his Mother, Sister Barbra Brown on a very cold and wintery morning gave their letters of resignation to the Pastor of the church after receiving the letters, the pastor prayed with us.  On March 2nd, 2015 we close on the loan to officially become Hope Church International Ministries Inc.  When we went to closing we had all the necessary documents and later that evening we started the process of removing the old items that were left behind from the former owners and then we started the remodeling process of rebuilding the stage area, texturizing the walls, painting, replacing carpet, tile and brand new pew chairs.  On Wednesday evenings we would have bible study in one of the classrooms while the remodeling was going on, April 2015 we had our first official service, God has been blessing every since then, it's Pastor Pollard desire that Hope Church is in Good Ground, that whatever support you give financially, spiritually and volunteering that you will see God Bless in Your Life.  God gave to Elder Pollard that if the he and the members will pay their tithe and offering the church will make it.  God has been True to his Word.  Elder Pollard purposed in his heart not to receive an pastoral anniversary or a salary or his wife, so that the church would be transparent and that every penny goes toward preaching, teaching and outreach ministry  that countless lives will be impacted by this ministry nationally and internationally.

Hope Church International Ministries Inc. is incorporated through the State Secretary of Oklahoma to serve as an Non-Profit organization in the Oklahoma

​Mission Statement ​​

The Mission of Hope Church International Ministries Inc. is to equip and impact the community through the Word of God and Human Resources to Live a Victorious Life In Jesus Christ

Come Worship With Hope Church ​

Feel free to come worship with us at Hope Church International Ministries 

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